We're happy to have experienced and knowledgeable investors helping us financially and strategically pave the way toward success in the IT industry.


UCG always strives in delivering and improving the IT infrastructure and digital experience; creating a profitable and sustainable business environment for all clients and customers. UCG services and operation comprises data-centers, hosting & servers, digital marketing, IT infrastructure, networking and communications. With more than two decade of industry knowledge and clients from public as well as private sector from all over the world, UCG has an excellent track record in delivering the best solution to every project. UCG delivers ground-breaking solution in online security solutions, customised integrated solutions accordingly to customers’ requirements. UCG’s innovation and leadership in server management, voice and satellite communications provides UCG customers with the best services in the region.
As one of the most trusted domain & hosting service provider in the region with 9 th leading service provider having active customers, UCG creates the perfect platform for all to take advantage of UCG’s market significance through UCG investments.


UCG partnership represents a mutual beneficial business relationship between UCG and partners on technology, financially, marketing and human resources. UCG investor program enables the investors to be UCG shareholders; becoming a part of one of the most trusted and profitable online service provider company in UAE and middle-east. UCG Investor Program focusses on creating transformational partnerships with focus on delivering a mutual beneficial business ecosystem. UCG Investor Partner Program provides the investors with a perfect blend and partnership facilities; enabling with continuous UCG investor system connectivity, consultancy and guidance on the market trends to guide the investors with profitable business and marketing statistics. All UCG investor partner program are designed with long-term interest.


UCG’s Board of Directors and legal advisors oversees the management of the company’s business, driving effective decision-making and performance, while serving as advocates for its stockholders to protect their long-term interests. The senior management team, including the chief executive officer, is responsible for managing UCG’s business on a day-to- day basis.
UCG corporate governance documents outline the procedures and practices to guide the Board’s duty to deliver stockholders’ long-term interests. The governance documents are operating guidelines and controls that define how the board fulfils its responsibilities. These guidelines are designed to promote transparency and the highest ethical business practices, enabling a relationship of trust among UCG’s board, management team and stockholders.
UCG keep stockholders and investors informed with clear expectations, communicating UCG’s guidelines, management strategy, and decision-making. UCG encourage you to read UCG corporate governance documents to understand how we operate.


Our business development representatives will get in contact and assist you in becoming part of UCG.