About Us

United Communication Group is a copyrighted and registered trademark in the field of communications, IT and web services providing.

About UCG | United Communication Group

With the vision of “A Better Web for All’, UCG was born from the absolute growing importance of telecommunication, IT, IOT services and digital marketing for entrepreneurs and business society. Founded by a group of idealists and engineers for developing along with advancing IT and telecommunication solution in middle-east two decades back, UCG has transcended into a trademark of service excellence as well as customer satisfaction. With international offices and UCG service providers throughout the globe, UCG has been the driving force for technological advancement and web services; setting high market standards through unparalleled long-term business solutions and facilitating adaptable technologies by upholding the local traditions and global trends.

UCG manages and delivers 100+ projects every year, 24X7 customer support delivering peerless customer satisfaction, 27 servers co-location all around the world, telecom connectivity service throughout the globe, in-house engineers and certified technicians, affiliations and partnership with international entities enabling the best security and smart solutions; creating and being the perfect IT and telecommunication service provider for any entrepreneurial companies as well as professional establishments.

Our History

  • 2017

    UCG LLC established; enabling procurement, delivery and maintenance of high-end telecommunication equipment, IT hardware & software solution in UAE market.

  • 2016

    Eagles Power & Equipments [EPE] established; enabling procurement and delivery of high-end tools and power equipment in middle-east.

    ECC-Marine Information Hub [ECC-MIB] service started; delivering API and web solution for real time marine vessel information.

    United Communication Group UK office started, expanding the UCG business services to UK and Europe.

    UCG started Satellite Internet service in middle-east region.

  • 2014

    UCG and SNIPER sec partnership, resulting in incorporating high-end security services over UCG servers and UCG client services. Also providing SNIPER SEC services in middle-east by ECC.

  • 2012

    United Communication Group UAE office started, expanding the UCG business services to UAE market.

    Eagles Communication Consultancy established, delivering UCG services and consultation over IT and telecommunication in middle-east.

    New server pool names UCG-AE & UCG-DC started.

  • 2010

    Pushm@il service started; one of the most comprehensive and automated email system for business and personal use.

  • 2006

    X10-TION established as OQiis Co., a server pool name assigned as Syrian Web Hosting provider.

  • 2004

    OQiis Co. established as a web designing and development office.

  • 1997

    Birth of "AE EAGLES" by a group of idealists and engineers for developing and delivering IT and telecommunication solution in middle-east.

Who We Are

Since UCG’s inception as IT and technology service provider, entrepreneurs and organizations all around the world has acknowledged and adopted UCG as their trusted digital & IT solution provider. UCG has continually innovated new technological and business solution in empowering clients succeeding and growing the business. Having dedicated engineers and in-house experts from all business domains, UCG is committed in delivering services and support clients 24x7 around the globe with the dedication of creating comprehensive client experience. UCG projects are handled by certified technicians administered by PMP certified project managers forming concord project execution with quality deliverance. UCG active office in UAE, Syria and U.K have made UCG in-house experts available all around the world without compromising the service quality and support. UCG services expands from domain and hosting, online security services, telecommunication and satellite services, networking and infrastructure, online marketing, IOT & smart solutions, etc. UCG has been always focussed in delivering solutions having long-term benefits without spending a fortune.

Our Strategy

United Communication Group has been and always will be the pioneer and trusted provider of IT and telecommunication service provider with high quality industry standards as well as 100% customer satisfaction. Understanding the global trend and entrepreneurial requirements, UCG excels in delivering digital and IT solutions with international approved standards; adopting the ‘end user’ culture to enlighten and educate end users in improving technological and professional establishments. UCG is well recognized in the market by entrepreneurs and organizations in enabling state-of-the-art IT solutions. Merging the local traditions of middle-east and upholding the business values of modern industry, UCG has expanded its business domain and services across geographical borders to all countries around the world. UCG upholds ISO standardization on all project and services with highly talented and trained team. UCG R&D develops sophisticated IT & telecommunication solutions such as UCG hybrid technology ‘Spreading Resources Technology[SRT] for manage and share server resources is being used in major data centers, etc.