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UCG-PushM@iL second edition update done. V2.1 is ready to use.

All old web links related to UCG brands "" and "" will not work anymore according to our web site updates. For any reason, if any old link info. Are required, you may kindly contact the customer service dept. to update you with the new link location.

UCG-Mini-Logo market share at the first week of May 2012: 7.5323 %

UCG market share at the last week of May 2012: 7.5992 %

UCG CEO: The reductions in the general market shares are expected, however, while others are dropping down, we are still growing up.

UCG team working on UCG-PushM@iL second edition update.

Till MAY end, Renew your hosting package for 2 Years and get double disk space "Next Package"

April Market-Share is closing at: 7.5097 %

UCG has just launched UCG-PushMil V2.0

UCG CEO: New services are like flavors, Try UCG with the VOIP flavor.

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existence on an advertising channel does not mean adopting its position or political activity, if any.

UCG team working on the ever best email marketing tool UCG-PushM@iL second edition.

UCG NT team completes 3CX training and implementing the first live test.

The Syrian sales hotline number has been changed from: +963944701066 to: +963930116446

become a 3CX partner

UCG offering a cost effective Video & Audio live streaming complete solution. Ready embed player for web sites usage, High quality and monetizable. The new service is directed to e-Learning, training, remote support and webinars projects.

Find UCG consultation Dept. on The Syrian YELLOWPAGES 2012

UCG is looking for new business partners and agents.

UCG lunched an advertising campaign on HALAB TODAY TV



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