UCG is your alternative choice of a satellite internet provider in MENA Area which offers you advantageous flat rate tariffs. UCG is proud to be one of the most reliable satellite internet service provider in Middle East having excellent connectivity coverage all over the region with most reasonable cost.

Satellite internet provides uninterrupted internet connectivity without any much of connectivity resources or expenses; delivering constant access to information, education, government services and opportunities to trade and prosper. The core of our mission is to provide a wide range of flexible satellite internet plans with speeds, prices and service levels tailored to meet market conditions. With UCG satellite internet service, your internet connection is secured with highly reliable satellite internet business continuity solution that is completely independent of terrestrial infrastructure or undersea cables and get unlimited high performance internet with a convenient range of subscription plans.

Maritime Connectivity

Oil & Gas

Energy & Power Units

Disaster & Recovery Relief

Business / Enterprise Connectivity

Private Internet Connectivity

Retail Connectivity




Through modularity of VSAT systems, UCG allows to quickly extend or rapidly deploy to new remote locations with easy and fast upgrades.


UCG satellite internet provides reliable uninterrupted connectivity as the connection is direct towards the satellite from ground equipment, having no connection loss factors.


UCG satellite network constitutes private connection. To avail more secure features, UCG provides high quality enterprise VPN services solutions.


without any geographical boundaries or terrestrial limitations, UCG satellite internet is the best internet connection solution for any terrain.


UCG understands the importance of communication and connectivity in the growth of technology and all related business domains. With satellite internet connectivity, people access enterprise level, high-speed data connectivity without any geographical boundaries or regional limitations. UCG facilitates Satellite Internet services as well as related facilities according to your requirements.


UCG provides industry qualified satellite internet equipment including indoor and outdoor antennas, routers, hubs, BUCs, LNBs, etc.


UCG’s high flexible approach on customizing and delivering the solution by incorporating international service providers or network operators enables the customers with enterprise internet connectivity over variety of service packages and network connectivity.


Whether broadcasting radio or multi-casting data, UCG satellite internet delivers applications and solutions according to the customer requirements such as VoIP, VPN, Email solution, broadcasting, etc. which will enhance the customer internet interaction and usability.

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