Make your mark with event graphics that showcase the look and feel together with consistent branding and ensure that all eyes at the event get your message. An event graphic transforms your ideas into a visual way. Before your audience even begins to read the details, they are already making assumptions based on the look and feel of the event.
UCG supports you with the equipment needed for your event and provide you with assistance at every step of your event planning, from the initial concept to actualization.
We are also able to give advice regarding suitable venues, whether standard conference facilities or more unusual venues are required. UCG has team of experienced and highly competent designers and technical staff to ensure that your events run smoothly and effectively.

UCG event services include:

  • 1 Event theme concepts
  • 2 Venue organizing and management
  • 3 Creative visual development
  • 4 Scripting and storyboarding
  • 5 Technical design and management
  • 6 Workforce management
  • 7 Photography and Videography organizing