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OQiis Co. Joined ISIC and offers 20% discount on Web Hosting services for all ISIC card holders.

OQiis Co. start offering SEO “Search Engine Optimization” in new professional way as low cost as 90$.

OQiis Co. looking for resellers and agents in Middle East, Europe and US.

Please, contact:

September offer: OQiis co. will double your web hosting disk quota & bandwidth if you renew or register for 2-years. offer expires on: 1-OCT-2009

Save up to 30% of your second year when you renew your reseller for couples of years. “5 Days offer”

OQiis Co. market share has been increased to 3.7567 % at the Sept 2009 end.  

OQiis Co. market share has been increased to 3.5982 %

Hot Price For all IEEE organization members: Domain Name + 100MB Web Hosting = 16$ Only "Offer Exp: Dec,08"

10% Discount on all purchase. Exclusive offer, starting from the 1st of Sept 2008 and for 30 days.

OQiis Co. market share has been increased to 3.2365 %.

OQiis Co. has just lunch it’s new web site.

A gigabit connection to the WVFiber has been added to the OQ.X10-TION.COM Servers, bringing the total gigabit connections on that network to five.

August 2008 April 2008

OQiis Co. market share has been increased to 3.1286 %.

July 2008:
OQiis Co. has update it’s all DNSs into the bellow:


OQiis Co. has just started to use its created technology “SRT: Spreading Resources Technology”  

Roundcube mail service has been disconnected for a security issue.  

OQiis Co. market share has been increased to 2.898 %.  

New Spam system has been installed, we recommend all customers to check their panels to modify its spam settings.

OQiis Co. has switch the accounts data back up into a daily task instead of weekly.

May 2007:
Data Center announces the addition of two more generators to its state of the art fully N+1 redundant 2.5 megawatt parallel Cummins generator system. The new generators bring the total capacity to 1.5 megawatts with 500 KW in N+1 redundancy.

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